We Are the Fierce Fighters!

On the surface, Fierce Athletica is about weight loss. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find that it’s so much more than that. How many times have you felt self-conscious at parties or while giving major presentations at work because you were worried about not looking your best? How many times have you wished that you still had the energy level of a teenager? How often have you gone shopping for clothes, only to turn away empty-handed and upset with yourself? When you choose to lose weight with Fierce Athletica, you’re choosing to finally embrace your fierce self and become unstoppable in every aspect of your life. We are the Fierce Fighters—and we’re committed to crushing our goals.

We Refuse to Settle for Less

Are you ready to crush your goals and get to the next level of execution? You’ll fit right in here at Fierce Fighters—a movement of people committed to never settling for a lesser life. We know that we deserve to look and feel absolutely amazing because when we’re at our best, we’re able to give 100% to those around us. We take ownership of our own lives, steering them to exactly where we want to go.


We hear you. Between our jobs, our kids, our friends, and our passion projects, we’re all too busy. And when we finally get a day off, it seems undesirable to spend our precious time in the gym. The good news is that joining the Fierce Fighters doesn’t take up huge amounts of your time. It doesn’t require you to spend hours in the gym every day, or to endure marathon sessions in the kitchen carefully measuring every calorie or counting macros. Who has time for that?!? No, our weight loss programs were designed with busy professionals in mind. They’ll fit around your current schedule and lifestyle, and best of all—they produce fast results!

The fierce fighters manifesto

As Fierce Fighters, we take ownership of our own lives. Taking ownership of yourself means holding yourself accountable for your choices and your direction in life. It means intentionally and purposefully deciding to become a Fierce Fighter in every sense of the term—someone who fights for what they want and never gives up. When we truly decide to go after what we want, we are unstoppable.

Our Fierce Beliefs

We believe in taking ownership of ourselves and our lives.

We believe that the only person who can fix our lives is ourselves.

We believe our bodies and minds have limitless potential, but it’s up to us to learn how to tap into it.

We believe we are fierce and unstoppable.