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To Finally Achieve Your Body Goals


  • Fast Effect

    Clinical studies have shown the average person lost 15% of their body weight after one year of taking Semaglutide.

    For the average patient, that's 24-36 lbs.

  • Sustainable

    We break down the process of achieving your ideal body into simple daily habits to make this doable and enjoyable for you. 

  • Meal Plans Included

    Meal Plans included so you know what to eat.

    With recipe that are healthy and still delicious!

  • For busy moms

    NO gym membership required. Our at-home workout guides are included to support you on your semaglutide journey!


Get started for only $347/mo!

Once you check out, we will send you an intake form to ensure semaglutide is safe for you to take. If our medical team needs more info, we will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a telehealth appointment.

YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED if we are unable to prescribe you semaglutide. If your intake form looks good to go, we will have your semaglutide shipped to your door within 2 weeks. 

Do I qualify?


Here's the Run-Down

Key benefits

• Lowered risk of heart disease 

• Lowered Blood Sugar

•  Reduced fat and body weight 

•  Increased metabolism 

•  Decreased hunger, cravings, and food noise

How semaglutide works?

Semaglutide works in two critical ways. The first is by mimicking a hormone called GLP-1, which helps regulate appetite and blood sugar levels. By activating these hormones, Semaglutide can reduce hunger, increase feelings of fullness, and help your body access your fat storages faster.

How often do you take it?

Semaglutide is a once a week subcutaneous injection that mimics the natural hormones found in our bodies that help control blood sugar levels, slow the digestive system, and tell us we’re full.

Real results from clients

"Semaglutide is the ONLY thing that has worked.. and I tried EVERYTHING!"

  • IT. WORKS.

    "My blood work is incredible, and the weight just fell off for the first time in my life. The food noise is gone and I have been able to focus without stressing about food."

    -Alissa H.

  • Love the mental shift!

    "I've loved the mental shifts that came from semaglutide. I feel like how I imagine a lean person who doesn't struggle with weight feels like. I never thought I would be able to experience that."

    -Krista H. 

  • Try it and you'll know

    "I was so nervous to try semaglutide. I decided to just try it for a month and see what I thought. It helped me get over a plateau I had been stuck at for over a YEAR. I am at such a healthier place and I am just so grateful for it!" 

    -Ashley P.

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What You'll Get

  • Semaglutide

    Shipped directly to you in 2 weeks after filling out your intake form

  • 8 Weeks of Guided Workouts

    Videos to follow along with make it super easy to get your workout in without going to the gym.

  • 10 Day Meal Plan 

    No more spending hours in the kitchen, most of these recipes take less than 15 minutes to make.

  • Monthly Progress Tracker

    This Tracking Sheet is the secret for you to see simple habits that will get your mission accomplished faster.

  • Billion Eats Cheat Sheet

    This What To Eat/Not Eat List is your solution to see what superfoods will accelerate your weight loss and those that will derail your progress.

Expert Clinicians To Guide You

Our team of medical professionals will guide you throughout the process. From assessment to injection to food intake. You're safe with us!

Do I qualify?

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 Is Semaglutide safe for me? 

After checkout, we send you an intake form and schedule a telemed appointment if we need more info.  If it isn't right for you, we will refund your money and let you know. Overall, the main indicator of whether or not semaglutide is for you is if you have a history of thyroid cancer in your family or if you are taking medications that interact poorly with semaglutide. If that's the case, semaglutide isn't for you.

How much semaglutide will I get? 

We send one vile each month. Email our support team when you increase your dose above 50 units.

 Will the weight come back on? 

Our program includes blood sugar balancing meal plans, workout guides, and mindset trainings so you can have a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. We also have a maintenance program to help you slowly come off semaglutide. Our dosing sheet walks you through the best amount of semaglutide to take when first starting it, through maintence, and comming off it!

 Is it semaglutide sodium? Are there any added ingredients? 

We use semaglutide base, not semaglutide sodium. There are no added ingredients. It is compounded semaglutide. 

 Where do you ship? 

We ship to most U.S. states, if we can't ship to you, you will be refunded.

 How does Semaglutide work? 

Semaglutide is a medication that belongs to a class of drugs called GLP-1 receptor agonists. It works by mimicking the effects of a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) in the body. By activating GLP-1 receptors, Semaglutide helps regulate blood sugar levels, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss.

 Is Semaglutide safe to use? 

Semaglutide has been approved by regulatory authorities for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and for weight management. However, like any medication, it may have potential side effects. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting Semaglutide to determine if it is appropriate for you and to monitor your response and any potential side effects.

 How do I take Semaglutide? 

Semaglutide is typically administered as a subcutaneous injection once a week. The exact dosage and administration instructions will be provided with your package. We start you at 5-10 units and slowly work up as your body adjusts to the medication. 

 Can Semaglutide be used for weight loss without a prescription? 

No, Semaglutide is a prescription medication that requires guidance from a healthcare professional. We send out an intake form after checkout to ensure we have the info we need and schedule a telemed appointment if we need more info to get your prescription ready. It is sent to you in about two weeks!

Common side effects?

Nausea, fatigue, and headaches are the most common. We have a package available with zofran if the nausea is too strong. We recommend taking the shot Friday night so you can sleep through the worst of the side effects. We also recommend electrolytes and staying hydrated and nourished to help with the fatigue and headaches. Our clients reported symptoms lasting 2-3 days after their weekly injection. After a month, once their body was used to it, the symptoms typically went away. 

 What results can I expect from using Semaglutide?

Results may vary depending on factors such as individual response, adherence to recommended lifestyle changes, and the specific health condition being addressed. Semaglutide has shown effectiveness in improving blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes and promoting weight loss in obesity as well as helping those with insulin resistance and PCOS. Semaglutide is an incredible tool and we feel lucky to provide our clients with this tool. 


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