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Fat Blasting Meal Plan

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Premium Fuel For a Premium Body-

-7 Full Days Planned Meals as well as Step by step instructions for designing your own meals (This ensures you can work with your food allergies and find meals you LOVE)

-List of every major food group with examples of what foods to include in your personalized protocol

-Meal Plan Mastermind: Video Training over how to execute this meal plan simply and effectively 

This plan is backed by the scientist, Ben Bikman, who studies insulin resistance, weight loss, and why people get sick. In his words, "[This style of eating] just WORKS. It's science." 


"Lost seven pounds in two weeks" -Maddie P. || ID

"I never knew weight loss could be so simple" || Elissa F. UT

"I dropped 7 lbs in the first 2.5 weeks" Leah R.

"I am noticing such a difference in my mental health and could not be more excited! I feel like Rapunzel in the movie tangled (cue the music) "And at last I see the light and it's like the fog has lifted" 😂😭🥰 This is actually a miracle!" -Jessamy P.

"It’s crazy how much the body can change in just a week! 5 pound difference" -Hannah N.


The health, fitness and nutritional information in this guide is designed for educational and resource purposes only.